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Powerful ERP/MRP software for the business operations of doors & windows en windowframe manufacturers. From project and relationship management up to purchasing, production planning, deliveries, time registration and profit & loss analyses.

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The advantages of MatrixWindows Project


MatrixWindows Project is widely applicable for the business operations of doors & windows industry. From project and relationship management up to purchasing, production planning, deliveries, time registration, work in progress and profit & loss analyses.

Seamless integration

The modules MatrixWindows Wood, MatrixWindows PVC and MatrixWindows CNC work seamlessly with MatrixWindows Project. As a result, an integrated automation solution is realized for both window technology and business operations.

Grip on projects

With MatrixWindows Project you get a lot of insight and a maximum grip on all aspects of business management. Due to the unambiguous workflow, actions are limited and failure probabilities are reduced to a minimum. At any time insight and control on all current business processes.

The features of MatrixWindows Project


Project management

Project management

MatrixWindows Project has been developed for and by windowframe factories that want to realize company-wide automation. The technological basis is ERP / MRP, an abbreviation that stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and Material Resource Planning. The processing of all project-based orders is automated with a total system for all departments. All data from the first application up to and including delivery and aftercare are managed in a central office.

MatrixKozijn Project is suitable for both the smaller and the large windowframe factories. The software has a modular structure and the modules can often be used independently of each other. This makes starting with MatrixKozijn Project easy. The motto is: first consolidate, then implement. Consolidation means introducing the current working method within the new system. Implementing involves adjusting and optimizing procedures so that all the benefits of company-wide software are exploited. This guarantees the support in the company, because the added value is clearly visible from the start.

Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management

All relationships are managed within MatrixKozijn Project. Not only from clients and suppliers, but from all relationships for which it is worth managing this centrally. A relation can be both debtor and creditor, so that no duplicate data is created. The contact persons of all relations together form the network of a window frame factory. All contact moments with relations are recorded within the contact registration. Contacts are, depending on the type of contact, linked to relations, projects, orders or production orders. A contact registration always contains a contact person from the relation and the employee of the company itself. When registering a contact it can be indicated whether the contact should be followed up and by whom.

From request to order

From request to order

MatrixKozijn Project supports you during the entire commercial process. First, there is a separate option for registering and following up applications. If an offer is made for an application, the required data can be determined via an offer calculation. Once a quotation has been issued, the option for quotation management comes into view for commercial follow-up. As soon as a quotation becomes an assignment, all relevant agreements can be registered directly in the assignment. Requests, quotations and assignments can practically be divided into partial quotations and partial assignments. This keeps you in control of the entire commercial process.

Project planning

Project planning

The Project Planning module is to support project planning and schedule production badges. On the basis of the available capacity and the projects already planned, the work stock and any planning space can be managed. The continuation, shifting or cancellation of projects becomes clear to everyone at all times. It contributes to a better occupancy rate and peace and overview in the planning department.

Purchasing and inventory

Purchasing and inventory

With the Orders module, project-based purchasing of all required materials and items is arranged. The calculation module determines the required order requirement. This requirement is bundled into one or more orders. These orders are managed within MatrixKozijn Project. As soon as goods arrive, deliveries are registered via the goods receipt option. Not only project-based orders are processed this way. Orders for an internal, general stock can also be managed with this.

Delivery series/phasing

Delivery series and phases

Many projects are divided into phases or delivery series. The series can be made at your own discretion, as much as desired. Work preparation, purchasing and production can be planned and executed per series. MatrixWindows Project ensures overview and control of every delivery.

Production orders

Production orders

A project can be taken into production as a whole, but can be a division or merging of projects. Large projects are often produced per delivery series. large delivery series are often divided into clear production orders week by week. Another possibility is to merge several smaller projects into a production order. Another application of production orders is a division into different parts, for example separate production orders for frames, windows or doors. The purpose of production orders is to arrive at well-arranged badges for smooth and optimum production.

Time registration & Re-calculation

Time registration & Re-calculation

To measure is to know is an old saying. You can register working hours with the Time Registration module. The simplest way is to process 'time sheets'. The hours are then entered manually in the system. A more automated way is with barcode readers. The data of the employee, the project number, the work type and the cost center can then be registered with a few clicks. The newest method of time registration is via tablets or smartphones. All registrations can then be done wirelessly and anytime & anywhere, also by employees who have mobile functions.

The recorded hours can be analyzed for the presence / absence, the hours per project, for the project progress, for work in progress positions and for the actual costs. The registration of purchased materials and their consumption is also taken into account in the subsequent calculation. The actual calculation is suitable for analyzing the calculations of different stages of the project. In this way the calculations of the quotation calculation, the work budget and the eventual realization of hours and materials can be compared. So you immediately know the status and the return per project.


Purchase invoices

Project-based purchase invoices are posted on an order placed. Together with the revenue registration of the deliveries, it is immediately clear whether all incoming goods and the purchase invoice match each other. The approval of purchase invoices is clearly arranged here is easy.

Sales invoices

Sales invoices are created based on the agreements that are recorded in the quotation or order. This can be done per delivery, or in installments, whether or not according to a schedule. The sales invoices can be executed on paper, as a PDF or as an XML file. MatrixKozijn Project has options for digital invoicing. A template can be defined for the accompanying letter in the e-mail and the PDF or XML file can be chosen as an attachment.

Link financial software

Purchase and sales invoices can be exchanged with accounting software. The exchange takes place through journal entries. Master data can also be exchanged with financial software. Links are currently available with Accountview, Exact, Multivers, Grote Beer, Factor and Twinfield. Other financial software packages are on request.

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