Fast structural design software

Structural analysis software for structural engineers to design precast concrete floors and beams

MatrixFloor advantages

Qualitative design

MatrixFloor has everything for a thorough and qualitative design of prefab concrete floors and beams. Years of insights and experiences from industry engineers and software engineers from Matrix have been brought together to achieve a high-quality calculation tool.

Fast & powerful

Calculate one or many beams in an instant. Through a manual entry, or integrated with the CAD / CAM solution IC-Prefab, floors are quickly designed in a short time. Immediately provided with a representative report for clients, chief constructors and inspecting constructors.

From simple to complex

Whether it is a simple floor system or a complex prestressed bridge beam, MatrixFloor is the right tool. It provides all necessary tests for strength, deflection and fire resistance. Specific tests are carried out per floor or beam system.

The features of MatrixFloor


Structural analysis of precast concrete floors

Prefab concrete floors

MatrixFloor is a new generation of design software for detailed structural analysis of prefab concrete floors and beam systems. It is based on the many years of knowledge and experience of MatrixFrame, focused on the specific needs of concrete constructors in the manufacturing industry for traditional and prestressed wide slab floors, channel slab floors and rib cassette floors. The software has been developed in collaboration with structural engineers within the flooring industry.

The following types of floors are supported:

  • Floor plates with traditional reinforcement
  • Floor plates with prestressed reinforcement
  • Hollow core floors with prestressed reinforcement
  • Beams with traditional reinforcement
  • Beams with prestressed reinforcement
  • Ribbed floors
Interactive design

Strong in design

The power of MatrixFloor is in the designing character. A system floor is designed completely with few actions based on default settings. Matrix programmers have years of experience and expertise in developing smart design algorithms that design system floors based on strength, rigidity, stability, deflection, fire resistance and practicability requirements.


All MatrixFloor designs are a proposal. Each design proposal can be adjusted interactively. As a result, MatrixFloor is not a straitjacket, but it is an interactive design tool that helps you realize an optimum design that meets your own wishes and requirements with maximum freedom. Maximum flexibility in standard computing power and in individual adaptability.


Calculating with construction phases

Construction phases

MatrixFloor is able to take the various construction phases into account during the calculation process. In this way, all preconditions can be taken into account during production, storage, transport, application, dumping, curing, formwork and during the use phase. Each property within the calculation model can be assigned to a construction phase, such as cross section, printing layer, supports and loads.


From single floor beams to complete projects

From simple to complex

Designing with MatrixFloor is possible for a single floor, but it can also be done in one go for all floors that occur within a project. The advantage of this is that the input is limited, that changes can easily be implemented integrally and that the report yields a well-structured document.


Animation: new office Olbecon Concrete in Lochem (NL)



Seamless collaboration with IC-Prefab

Seamless interface with IC-Prefab

MatrixFloor functions as an independent calculation program, but can also be applied seamlessly within the CAD/CAM system IC-Prefab. Once the floor fields in IC-Prefab have been determined, the calculation models can be automatically generated and calculated with just a few presses of the button. The calculation results form the basis for the IC-Prefab reinforcement generator in order to arrive at optimum and practically feasible reinforcement choices. This makes it possible to perform both the drawing and the calculation in the shortest possible time.


We would be happy to advise you

Designing building constructions is a specialism and requires expert advisers. We would like to give you expert advice on the possibilities of MatrixFloor for the calculation of building constructions. Call us or respond via the website for a meeting with one of our consultants. Do you want to discover the operation and vision of the software yourself? Request a demo version.

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