Matrix Network License Manager

Application for managing and assigning licenses in a network. It offers the possibility to activate / manage multiuser licenses on the server on which the "Sentinel RMS License Manager" is installed. In addition, this application is also suitable for managing / updating a SuperProNet dongle on a server.

Matrix License Reservation Manager

Application for specifically assigning licenses to specific users or systems. The use of this application is optional. By default, licenses are automatically available to all users.

Remote desktop support

"Remote desktop support", also called "remote assistance", is a way to establish a connection between the service desk PC and your PC via the internet. The service desk employee can then watch what you are doing on your PC. The service desk employee can also take over the operation of your PC, provided that you give permission for this via a button. The 8-digit code is unique for every ISL session. 

ISL client: for Matrix Software users

ISL servicedesk: for Matrix servicedesk employees

Advance Steel

Advance Steel is supplied by Autodesk. Go to the Autodesk account to download and activate the software. For questions about this, contact the Matrix steel construction team.