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Software for the design and production of timber frame elements. From quotation calculation and work preparation to the CNC machine control of trimming saws and nail and screw machines.

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Matrix Wall Framing Wood advantages

Quick and easy

MatrixWindows Wall framing is characterized by simplicity and speed in the input. With just a few mouse clicks, 2D façade and wall elements can be entered, drawn and calculated.

Smart design options

After entering the main shape and the positions for windows and doors, layouts for style and line work are controlled fully automatically. The sheet material is also automatically classified.

CNC control

MatrixWindows Wall Framing is equipped with options for the CNC control of nail and screw machines. This allows a fully automatic production of façade elements.

The features of MatrixWindows Elements


Input façade elements

Input façadeelements

MatrixWindows Elements is the program to quickly, easily and flexibly make a perfect calculation, drawing, quotation and work preparation of wooden façade elements. The software is based on 35 years of knowledge and experience in the field of automation within the carpentry industry and has become an extremely user-friendly and flexible solution for 2D façade elements. Assembling the façade elements consists of entering the main shape of the elements and the positions and recesses for window and door frames. Subsequently, a layout of styles and rules is automatically determined, including all connections. The panel choices are then entered. Any additional style and control work is then automatically determined. Then the edge finishes and wall connections can be defined. Finally, changes and lifting anchors can be positioned.



The result of MatrixWindows Elements is in the first place a competent set of drawings. The drawings are provided with all relevant information so that clients are clear what they are offered. And for the workplace it is clear what has to be produced. MatrixWindows Elements has a library with purchasing doors, which can be shown on the view drawings if desired.


Quotation calculation

For the price calculation, in the first place all necessary materials are analysed and the working hours for producing the façade element are calculated. The library contains information about material prices and hourly rates. The estimated hours per cost center can be influenced with the help of man-hour coefficients. Price calculations can be made per element, for the entire project or for delivery series.

Work preparation and CNC machine control

Work preparation on machine control

For the purpose of production, all possible production states and production drawings can be made. The states contain all the information necessary for the workplace to order materials and process them into façade elements. If automated cutting machines, nailing or screwing machines are present, these can be controlled automatically from MatrixWindows Elements. Abbreviation machines that are currently supported are the APS, Grecobn, H&M, Pertici and the Reinhardt. Nail/screw machines that are supported are the Popper and the GT. Do you have another machine? Then contact us to discuss the options.

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