Smart, fast window frame software:
from cloud to production

Since 1983 Matrix Software has stood for a diverse range of all-in-one software products and services. They are well thought-out solutions that can benefit a variety of users in the construction world on a daily basis. An example of such a total solution is WebKozijn, the online webshop for resellers and private individuals. The cloud application makes calculating and ordering wooden and plastic frames child's play, says Hans Storms, branch manager of the frame industry on behalf of the Nijmegen software specialist.

Matrixwindows Web offers business and private users the ultimate convenience. "With this tool it is possible to make a calculation online in the cloud. Subsequently, the user can translate this calculation into a quotation and, provided with his own logo, offer it to his customer. But you can also place your order directly with the manufacturer. places”, said Storms. "Regardless of whether it concerns wooden or plastic frames and completely device independent. So whether you use a PC, smartphone or tablet, the tool can be used anytime, anywhere."

Order placed directly

MatrixWindows Web is directly connected to MatrixWindows, the application that runs within the production environment. As a result, every order placed online is directly transferred to the production environment of the manufacturer. "Thanks to the link with MatrixWindows, it can happen that the ordered frame is made the same day", Storms explains the greatest strength of the smart piece of software. "Without the need for additional steps. What you enter, is passed one-on-one to production. It couldn't be easier, faster and cheaper."


In addition to the option of ordering frames, MatrixWindows Web also offers users the necessary benefits in other areas. For example, payment can be made quickly and easily via a separate iDEAL module. And MatrixWindows Web also proves its value with an extensive webshop for ordering related products or products to be processed in the frame. Storms is therefore enthusiastic about the application that is continuously being developed by Matrix Software. “Our products grow with the wishes and needs of the market,” he says. "We make the difference with that too."