Matrix Software announces the acquisition of iTConcrete. A letter of intent has been made with the share holders.

The product portfolio of iTConcrete consists of CAD/CAM software for prefabricated concrete slabs and walls. The software is used by concrete factories, by concrete design- and consultancy organizations and by engineering companies in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Matrix Software supplies specialized software for the building industry. The software is used by engineering- and consultancy companies as well as the market sector for steel fabricators. Matrix Software is also the market leader in the market sector for producers of timber and PVC doors, windows and window frames.

Since 2005 Matrix and iTConcrete maintain cooperation with regard to the sale of the software by iTConcrete. Due to this cooperation a link has been developed between the MatrixFrame® structural analysis software and the iTConcrete CAD/CAM software. As part of the BIM vision, the aim is to achieve an integrated solution for designing and producing concrete structures. The acquisition of iTConcrete in 2017 is part of the ambition of Matrix to expand the product- and service portfolio by an autonomous grows path and strategic acquisitions.

“I value the continuity offered to the costumers and the employees of iTConcrete.”, according to the managing director Lia Zielman-Harkes of iTConcrete. “Since the death of my husband Hans Zielman I continued the company together with the employees. I always endeavored continuity and a prosperous future for all stakeholders. Therefore I am pleased to announce that iTConcrete takes the step to a new future under the wings of Matrix Software.”

“iTConcrete is in good hands with Matrix”, says managing director Heico Heuver. “In recent years Matrix has made considerable investments in the development of modern structural analysis software for prefabricated concrete floor and wall elements. The CAD/CAM software of iTConcrete serves as a good compliment and offers a wide range of products and services for the concrete industry. Based on synergy gains for software development and service organization it is our ambition to lift the functionality, the quality and the service to an even higher level.

The Matrix Group counts 45 employees after the acquisition and serves more than 1400 customers in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.