This requires a software program that flawlessly automates this great variation in working methods: MatrixWindows. Whether it concerns large or small frame producers, wooden or plastic windows or facade elements, manual or fully automatic CNC machine control, MatrixWindows offers an answer to all your automation issues. In addition to software products, a fully-fledged automation solution also consists of professional support. Matrix Software has skilled people with extensive practical experience for this. In addition, we offer various options for training and instruction, both in class and in the workplace. Matrix Software develops and supplies total automation for doors & window manufacturers. The delivery program consists of software modules for every department within the customer-order-driven production process. The software is suitable for doors & windows in wood and plastic and for wooden facade elements. No door & window is the same. The vision and working method of each windowmanufacturer is unique. The professional knowledge of employees differs per company. And each door & windowmanufacturer has its own, tailor-made machine park. 3

Input model Library Model view Price calculation CNC control Engineering TOTAL AUTOMATION MatrixWindows MatrixWindows is the software program for the professional doors & windows factory. The software guarantees a fast, efficient and flexible production of frames. It is based on more than 35 years of knowledge and experience in the field of automation within the doors & windows industry. The software has developed in collaboration with customers into an extremely userfriendly and flexible software program. Doors & windows manufacturers place high demands on software. Certainly at a time when production automation has grown into a high-tech industry in which computers and computer-controlled machines can no longer be ignored. For large and smaller factories Matrix SH is the standard version with various expansion modules for calculation and engineering. MatrixWindows LT is the entry-level version for the smaller windows factory for the calculation. THE SOFTWARE FOR PROFESSIONAL DOORS & WINDOWS INDUSTRY Tailor-made standard software Each factory has its own way of making doors & windows. MatrixWindows is standard software, but offers all the flexibility for your own profiles and your own libraries with hinges & locks and other doors & windows articles. MatrixWindows LT is the entry-level version for the calculation for the smaller doors & windows factory 4

Is your machine not listed? Then we can arrange that for you. By smart reuse of previously developed CNC software modules, we are able to control your machine within a short time and for an appropriate investment. MATRIXWINDOWS CNC MACHINE CONTROL MatrixWindows controls all leading machine tools fully automatically. Both for wooden and plastic doors & windows. It generates and optimizes all required data for CNC control directly from the engineering. BIESSE UNILINE URBAN AKS CMS PRO EVOLUTION PERTICI SCARABEO SOAMAD RAPID EVOLUTION ROTOX SMK SCHIRMER SCM ACCORD WEINIG CONTUREX THORWESTEN BMH WINDOWMASTER BMH GLUEMASTER WEINIG UNIPIN 5

Total automation of business processes makes the difference. This enables you to optimally anticipate market developments. MatrixWindows supports you to make the right decisions at the right time. Clear and up-to-date management information for both the projects and the entire company allows you to make quick and responsible choices to maximize the operating result. Real-time management information Relationship management Managing all corporate customers, private customers and suppliers. Project management Managing all current projects: From request and quotation to production and delivery. Project planning Insight into and control of all current projects and production capacity. Quotation calculation All articles and prices from suppliers in libraries. BIM Exchange doors & windows models digitally with clients and designers. Orders Professional quotations based on the price calculation, including all relevant drawings. Webshop Online webshop for configuring, calculating and ordering doors & windows. Document management Central storage of all documents from customers, suppliers and internal processes. Engineering Detail engineering of doors & windows and prepare them for production. Purchase Ordering materials and articles from suppliers. KEEP GRIP ON THE TOTAL BUSINESS PROCESS WITH MATRIX SOFTWARE 6

CONTROL MANAGEMENT PROCESS INFORMATION Production Quotations Orders Deliveries Engineering CRM Planning Invoices CNC machine control Purchase Management information Calculations Drawings Inventory management Managing stock articles that are not ordered and delivered on a project basis. Production planning Detailed planning of production per workstation. CNC machine control Control of all leading machine tools, based on years of knowledge. Time registration Registration of hours worked using barcodes, tags, tablets or smartphones. Paperless factory All production and project information on screens and mobile devices. Management information Analysis of the hours and materials in relation to the quotation calculation and the work budget. Deliveries Managing all deliveries of window frames. Reserving, organizing and planning sheerlegs. Sales and purchase invoices Prepare and send sales invoices immediately after or upon delivery. Grip on the total business process Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Projectinformation and time registration are available through tablets, smartphones and internet browsers. Production data like drawings, materials en workinstructions are available on tablets and computers in the workspace via barcodes, QR-codes and RFID-chips. Step by step on the way to a paperless factory. 7

START YOUR OWN WEBSHOP FOR DOORS & WINDOWS Online sales channel for B2B and B2C Online webshop for calculating and ordering doors & windows. A modern tool that gives the sales of windows a “boost”. Matrix WebWindows is the internet version of MatrixWindows. The application works completely in an internet browser. So whether you are behind a PC, behind a tablet or behind a smartphone, at any time you can make an online calculation, generate a quotation and place an order. Order and produce immediately WebWindows is directly connected to MatrixWindows. That is the application that runs in the factory environment. When an order has been placed online, the window can be put into production immediately and sent to the machine. This allows an online order to go into production the same day! Integrated in own website WebWindows can function as a module within your own website. Your own website builder can activate WebWindows with just a few actions. This enables you to give the webshop its own look and feel, completely in accordance with your own corporate identity. Online webshop for calculating and ordering doors & windows 8

“This is the online quotation and calculation module to manage the entire ordering process step-by-step.” Henk Weber, KUFA Window Systems 9

“From calculation and quotations to orders and CNC control, with Matrix it is all about efficiency.” Nico Wiersma (left), WHB carpentry factory 10

Input & calculation Engineering CNC control Facade and wall elements Matrix Timber frames is characterized by simplicity and speed in the input. With just a few clicks of the mouse, 2D facade and wall elements are entered, drawn and calculated. Smart design options After entering the main shape and the positions for windows and doors, layouts for studs and frameworks are arranged fully automatically. The sheet material is also automatically classified. MATRIX TIMBER FRAMES Matrix Timber frames CNC control Matrix Timber frames is equipped with options for the CNC control of nail and screw machines. This enables fully automatic production of facade elements. 11

Software solutions for structural engineers, precast concrete industry, steel construction industry and doors & windows industry About Matrix Software Matrix Software is a Dutch software house, specialized in software for the building industry. Based on market needs and specific customer requirements, we develop highquality software for the automation of primary business processes. We work on long lasting relationships with our customers. Through close cooperation, we are constantly working on new concepts and further development. Matrix’s success in all of this is proven by the fact that Matrix has been providing industry-leading software and services since 1983. Matrix develops intelligent software for structural engineers, precast concrete industry, steel construction industry and doors & windows industry. Organizations that work with Matrix software see their business operations improve: the internal business processes run smoothly, efficiency increases and the operating result improves. It is therefore not surprising that more than 1400 companies are enthusiastic about Matrix Software. Wijchenseweg 116, 6538 SX Nijmegen (NL) Tel. +31 88 5678 000