This requires a software program that flawlessly automates this great variation in working methods: MatrixWindows. Whether it concerns large or small frame producers, wooden or plastic windows or facade elements, manual or fully automatic CNC machine control, MatrixWindows offers an answer to all your automation issues. In addition to software products, a fully-fledged automation solution also consists of professional support. Matrix Software has skilled people with extensive practical experience for this. In addition, we offer various options for training and instruction, both in class and in the workplace. Matrix Software develops and supplies total automation for doors & window manufacturers. The delivery program consists of software modules for every department within the customer-order-driven production process. The software is suitable for doors & windows in wood and plastic and for wooden facade elements. No door & window is the same. The vision and working method of each windowmanufacturer is unique. The professional knowledge of employees differs per company. And each door & windowmanufacturer has its own, tailor-made machine park. 3