Input model Library Model view Price calculation CNC control Engineering TOTAL AUTOMATION MatrixWindows MatrixWindows is the software program for the professional doors & windows factory. The software guarantees a fast, efficient and flexible production of frames. It is based on more than 35 years of knowledge and experience in the field of automation within the doors & windows industry. The software has developed in collaboration with customers into an extremely userfriendly and flexible software program. Doors & windows manufacturers place high demands on software. Certainly at a time when production automation has grown into a high-tech industry in which computers and computer-controlled machines can no longer be ignored. For large and smaller factories Matrix SH is the standard version with various expansion modules for calculation and engineering. MatrixWindows LT is the entry-level version for the smaller windows factory for the calculation. THE SOFTWARE FOR PROFESSIONAL DOORS & WINDOWS INDUSTRY Tailor-made standard software Each factory has its own way of making doors & windows. MatrixWindows is standard software, but offers all the flexibility for your own profiles and your own libraries with hinges & locks and other doors & windows articles. MatrixWindows LT is the entry-level version for the calculation for the smaller doors & windows factory 4