CONTROL MANAGEMENT PROCESS INFORMATION Production Quotations Orders Deliveries Engineering CRM Planning Invoices CNC machine control Purchase Management information Calculations Drawings Inventory management Managing stock articles that are not ordered and delivered on a project basis. Production planning Detailed planning of production per workstation. CNC machine control Control of all leading machine tools, based on years of knowledge. Time registration Registration of hours worked using barcodes, tags, tablets or smartphones. Paperless factory All production and project information on screens and mobile devices. Management information Analysis of the hours and materials in relation to the quotation calculation and the work budget. Deliveries Managing all deliveries of window frames. Reserving, organizing and planning sheerlegs. Sales and purchase invoices Prepare and send sales invoices immediately after or upon delivery. Grip on the total business process Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Projectinformation and time registration are available through tablets, smartphones and internet browsers. Production data like drawings, materials en workinstructions are available on tablets and computers in the workspace via barcodes, QR-codes and RFID-chips. Step by step on the way to a paperless factory. 7