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MatrixWinframe - Wood

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MatrixWinframe -Wood

For a perfect calculation, and detailed front drawing and shop planning, realized in an easy, fast and flexible way, MatrixWinframe Windows is the program to purchase.

MatrixWinframe came into existence after 25 years of knowledge and experience in the field of computerizing within the windowframe industry. With the help of windowframe manufacturers it has been developed into an extremely convenient and flexible software program.

With this program MatrixWinframe meets the extremely high requirements of window frame manufacturers to a software package, developed into a high-tech industry in which computers and CNC are indispensable.

So in case you want to purchase a flexible and convenient software package, there is only one that meets all these requirements.


After entering the required job data, the window frame brands can be composed. Window frame modules you have composed before can be imported with the MatrixWinframe import module into the standard module library. The concerning module can be received from the library and modified if necessary.

If you start with a new brand, follow the steps below:


MatrixWinframe drawings contain a lot of information, very useful at presentations. Front drawings, for example, give a full explanation about the production therefore less questions come from the work shop concerning the producing job.

By using templates the user can determine his own lay-out. He can select the following options:


After a number of changes in the job, you can choose between a number of calculation methods. For example one price calculation per dozen or one for the whole job. But also a specified budget for a total job with a price list of the materials, man hours and wages is within the bounds of possibility.


Finally, when the calculation has been finished and can be used to make an offer, MatrixWinframe offers the functionality to produce it automatically in MS Word. Here all relevant subjects are described automatically and the offer can be completed with the front drawing. Every offer can be changed in accordance to one’s own view, since it is an unrestricted Word document.

Shop planning

In MatrixWinframe shop planning is defined directly during the entry, because in this stage you get a complete picture of the window frame profiles and cavity latches. To put it straight: the shop planner can simply take over the calculator’s job. Every window frame brand can be modified without any difficulties. In MatrixWinframe everything can be changed, also the geometry. A vertical beam more or less shouldn’t present any problems.


After finishing shop planning your computer is ready for CNC. With one press off the button all necessary data can be send to the CNC module. Within MatrixWinframe there is a separate module from which several production lines can be operated. They vary from crosscut saws, profile- and contramal machines to spindle moulders.

All these production lines are operated from one central point, by means of the MatrixWinframe CNC module. Since every machine demands its own specific requirement to the software, every user can set his own machine. It is also possible to combine several jobs, so you get an optimal use of your machinery.

>Click here to download product sheet