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MatrixWinframe - PVC

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MatrixWinframe - PVC

MatrixWinframe - PVC is the perfect program for the calculation and the shop planning of PVC window frames, windows and doors. Together with MatrixWinframe ERP it comprises a complete ERP solution for suppliers and producers of PVC façade elements.

Modular structure


When entering window frame brands the program first asks for general data like job number, customer, applicable colours and data about glass. After that the input of window frame brands can be started. The input of brands takes place by making a rough drawing of the shape on the screen. An even faster and more effective method is to insert standard predefined window frame shapes. Then the only thing you need to do is entering deviations: shape and dimensions.

Smart library

The library is responsible for the power and the flexibility of the program. As soon as the window frame is provided with window frame profiles, edge finishing and windowpane contents, data such as tooling, articles, joint connections, steel stiffeners, dehydration, and locks and hinges will be arranged automatically.


The drawing is finished at once without further actions. The front drawing is represented in great detail. The program delivers complete drawings of profiles, windowpane contents such as windows, doors and panels. The front drawings are provided with dimensioning and reference dimensioning.


Materials, tooling, sawing length reduction and surface treatment are calculated per brand. Profit, risk and recycling can be calculated separately. General costs, bearing the entire job, will be calculated as well. As an end result you receive a representative offer ready for printing. The calculated hours for labour and machines are available for planning.

Shop planning

The model job planning contains several surveys and reports concerning production planning. The surveys consist of the demand for materials per supplier, per article or per department. Together these surveys lay the foundation of the order requirement, or purchase. The production lists can be divided into several kinds of lists, including sawing lists. Together with these lists you receive data for the CNC. Production takes place per customer- or production order. A production order is a part or a collection of several orders or sub orders.


MatrixWinframe - PVC disposes of an extension module for CNC. Dependent on customer or production order, it provides the required data to the machine. Not one window frame, machine and producer is the same. That is why CNC is custom-made. Matrix has developed the CNC module in a very smart and general way. In this way it has become standard software only custom-made on specific sub-divisions. It saves time and reduces investment.

The following machines are operated by Matrix:
- Rapid
- Thorwesten

For other brands contact Matrix.

>Click here to download product sheet