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Matrix Software

Engineering, CAD and ERP software for the building industry

Matrix Software is specialized in software for the building industry. Matrix considers it as its mission to put the internal company processes of its customers on an increasingly higher level through ICT. Together with customers in the building sector Matrix is constantly developing new concepts to improve its highly sophisticated software. Matrix has become very successful which accounts for the fact that Matrix has been the supplier of leading software and services for over 24 years.

Matrix develops smart software for civil engineering, steel factories and windowframe producers. Companies acknowledge the fact that their management has been improved considerable since the time that they have been working with Matrix. Technical building processes run smoothly, efficiency increases and company results are rising. Therefore it is not surprising that over 1400 companies from home- and abroad are very enthusiastic about Matrix.

The subsidiary company Matrix CAE is focused on the engineering world and the steel sector. Matrix SH is focused on the window frame producers. 41 employees offer excellent services from three different establishments. Every day they are prepared to go to any extreme to give optimal services to the demands of their customers, NOT only with software and work shops, but also with extended implementation guidance and help desk support.

The attention of Matrix Software is not only focused on basic functionalities. Special demands can be required to the software dependent on the size of the company and the section of your organization; therefore it is easy to make the right decisions with the right software. Entrepreneurs with vision for innovation and leading software go for Matrix.