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Software for the complete business operations of steel construction companies. From quotation calculations and project planning up to and including invoicing and the subsequent calculation, MatrixMetaal provides.

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MatrixMetaal advantages

Competitive calculation

Calculate quickly and easily and make offers with a secure feeling. Full insight into materials and hours. And in no time alternative quotations worked out.

Insight and grip

With Matrix Metal Project, every discipline within steel construction has all the necessary information within reach. Maximum insight into business operations, maximum grip on all business processes.

More pleasant work

software must be simple and quick to use. MatrixMetal is very accessible, characterized by ease of use and provides pleasure during daily use.

The features of MatrixMetaal


All projects from A to Z in one package

For steel construction

MatrixMetal has been developed together with a number of Dutch construction companies. All data that is project-related is stored centrally and in a structured way. This creates an efficient system that saves time and reduces failure costs. The system supports the following activities, among others:

  • Relationship management, automatically creating letters and faxes, looking up telephone numbers and e-mail addresses
  • Integration with pre-calculation (separate MatrixMetal Calculation module)
  • Generate and follow up quotations and send order confirmations
  • Building and managing a digital project file
  • Capacity planning
  • Ordering materials and outsourcing
  • Income Registration
  • Budget monitoring
  • Register inventory usage
  • Quick and easy processing of counter orders or receipt work
  • Issue of production vouchers
  • Phasing and compiling / managing loads
  • Calculate
  • Create sales invoices
  • Automatic installment billing
  • Detailed registration of hours worked in company office, production and assembly
  • Creating reports of hours worked
  • Determining work in progress
  • Managing the accounting

Efficiency improvement is time saving

MatrixMetal can be used company-wide and is intended for everyone in the company who has external contacts, plus people like the workshop manager and the assembly manager. The management uses the system, among other things, when it needs insight into the progress of projects, the effectiveness of tenders, and the work in progress position. The software is subdivided into a basic module, a production module, a time registration module and an accounting module. The basic module includes the functionality that every construction company needs, the others being extensions to it.

Sharing information

The core of the package is the project and relationship management system. All relevant companies are completely in the system, with all contacts there. This data can be accessed from Microsoft Word and Outlook, making it unnecessary for employees to keep their own lists of telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for longer. A major advantage of central storage is that the data remains much better up-to-date because it is used more intensively. Because for the development the most advanced development tools are used, relationship management is easy to operate and therefore very accessible: Open the contact card, click on the e-mail address and Outlook automatically creates an e-mail. It couldn't be simpler. The calculator uses quotation management to keep track of requests and quotes. MatrixMetaal Calculation is the software used to calculate the work, Order registration helps to remind tender data and call after the quotations made. Order registration is the place for recording the subdivision into subprojects and additional work. In the order management section, the seller records what the agreed price is and, not unimportantly, what is and what is not part of the order. By consistently adding additional work, the project leader in Order Registration lays the foundation for extra invoices. If the tender becomes an assignment, then the pre-calculation is the basis for the budget on which the work must be made. In the actual costs calculation, the project leader constantly sees the budget and costs and hours incurred appear side by side, so that there is always direct clarity about the progress and cost development of the project. In the phase that takes place between procurement and production, the company office takes care of most of the communication, and large amounts of data are exchanged. Illustrators, project leaders and sometimes buyers also add their own to the project, so that production can run smoothly. To do their job well, everyone must have recent and correct project data, partly from external sources, and partly from colleagues. During work preparation, it is therefore possible to save a lot of time by using Order Registration. Errors are also prevented that may occur if the project data is not always immediately available. The determination of work in progress is no longer a nuisance with MatrixMetal. Both per order and for the entire company, MatrixMetaal calculates work in progress at the touch of a button. Because it is done online, all data entered, such as invoices and hours worked, are processed directly in the overview.



The essence for the sale, production and delivery of steel structures is the ability to quickly and reliably determine what it costs to make a work. And because unfortunately not every calculation assignment is, it is extra important that it happens easily and quickly. MatrixMetal Calculation ensures that your calculation is clear and quickly and properly printed.

Calculation method

There are major differences in the way steel construction companies make their calculations. That is why it is possible to calculate in different ways within Matrix Metal Calculation. First of all, the necessary material can be entered in four ways:

  • Entering abbreviated codes manually: an HE 100 A is entered as A100.
  • Use the mouse to look up and click in the orderly library.
  • Import from all common steel drawing packages.
  • First enter a list of poses, then distribute the entered poses on the basis of overview drawings.

The costs that are calculated in addition to the material can be determined in three different ways:

  • Enter hours per bar.
  • Generic storage percentages per cost group.
  • Apply predefined calculation rules.


Matrix Metal Calculation contains a wide range that are common to the steel construction industry. The input screen for the material is the screen in which a calculator enters the drawn drawings via the keyboard. The columns in the entry screen are easy to remove and move. This allows the calculator to create its own input screen that is tailored to his or her way of working. Copying and pasting of imported materials is also possible, so that double entry is unnecessary. The input of material from a 3D steel drawing package is very smooth. All leading steel drawing software is supported. The prices that are automatically kept up-to-date in the program come from various steel suppliers. The range is much wider than just beam, rod, and strip steel, because all ducts and pipes, sheet material, cold-rolled profiles and fixing materials are standard in the system. The prices are checked in advance by Matrix and only then sent by e-mail. This allows anyone without reliable research to make a reliable calculation. Even when working with requested quotes (larger quantities of tubes and pipes), these prices can be processed very easily in the calculation. Finally MatrixMetaal calculates the material price with the set discounts and any scrap surcharge. The element structure of MatrixMetaal Calculation makes it possible to subdivide a calculation into partial calculations. This provides insight into the price structure of the various components. In addition, the calculator can be specific in this way with the costs that are put on the material. This means that changes can be made much faster.

Operations and surcharges

On the materials of the project you can assign activities, conservation and work of third parties at any desired level. This can be per POS but also per brand, component or any other subdivision that has been applied. This saves input time and guarantees insight into the distribution of costs and hours in the calculation. Changes in material quantities or profile dimensions can therefore be carried out without extra effort. The cost calculation can include weight, length, paint surface, standard hourly rates and level of difficulty as parameters.


The user can compile the reports himself. Naturally, this results in a perfect print of every calculation that shows exactly what is important:

  • General Information
  • Starting points (price date and discounts)
  • Material prices, jet and men prices
  • Hours and other costs
  • Calculation totals
  • Key figures per operation and per cost center


The calculation ultimately forms the basis for a quotation. The calculation module can therefore be fully integrated into the business management system MatrixMetaal Project and relationship management. Here management of applications, automatic generation of offers and follow-up takes place. Ultimately, the quotation calculation forms the basis for the actual cost calculation that can be made automatically and real-time at any time within MatrixMetal.

Length optimization

Length optimization

In recent years there has been an increasing increase in the use of software for the optimization of material consumption. The benefits are therefore obvious: less waste; smarter purchasing; More efficient stock use. These are advantages that all lead to cost savings. The investment in the work preparation module will therefore easily pay for itself. How does length optimization work?
The user can decide for himself which optimization method he wants to apply:

  • Bulk optimization
  • Mathematical optimization
  • Stock optimization
  • A combination of the above methods

The optimization is based on trade lengths, the available stock and any sawing residues from previous projects that have been added to the stock. The stock can be entered manually or imported from a stock management system. The MatrixMetal profile library is also the basis of the Length optimization module. In addition to the saw prices, the trade lengths and the machines associated with the material are also shown here. Making selections Before you choose to optimize your project, you can make a selection of the materials to be optimized. By moving these materials to the right screen, they have been selected. In addition, it is also possible to make a selection based on the type of machine that will be used. The optimization is then based on your selection and produces exactly the reports that you want at that moment.

Bulk optimization

With bulk optimization, the most optimal distribution of the lengths to be cut is not initially looked at, but equal lengths are cut from one length as much as possible. This then leads to low changeover times but more sawing waste.

Mathematical optimization

This optimization method assumes a minimal loss of material but does not include changeover times, which may require more time in the workplace.

Stock optimization

It is also possible to optimize based on the available stock. During the optimization, as much stock as possible is used before the trading lengths are included in the optimization. All optimization methods With this method all the aforementioned optimization methods are combined as optimally as possible.

Not optimized

If the user chooses this, he will get a full overview of the profiles that are not included in the optimization. These are all profiles that are ordered sawn.


Before you choose to print the various lists, you can choose to view the lists on the screen. This way you see an overview of the results in advance based on the optimization you have set. By choosing the "details" tab, you get an overview of the required gross and net lengths. In addition, you can see exactly how these lengths are calculated. If you choose "Totals", you will get an overview of the total calculation of lengths and prices of the profile you selected. The length optimization ensures the most economical sawing layout, with minimal sawing waste and executed in minimum time.


Capacity planning

All construction companies monitor their available capacity in a certain way, and take this into account when calculating and contracting work. Good capacity planning plays a major role in limiting possible outsourcing. For most companies, the biggest problem is updating the stand-alone schedule. So much is changing every day that the schedule is aging quickly. In MatrixMetaal Order Registration all current orders with delivery date are known. The software generates an overview of the coming period and adds up all the hours to be worked. In this way it becomes quickly clear per cost group (workshop, conservation, assembly) whether peaks can be smoothed. Because the order data is stored centrally, the planning only has to be kept in one place. This is the best guarantee for an up-to-date overview.

Production control

Companies that want to go further than managing projects choose the production module from MatrixMetal Order Registration. This software includes the automated control of production. Units to be produced can be subdivided into production orders, and just-in-time purchases can be made to produce with as little space as possible and inventory costs. The larger companies in particular have the tools to implement improvements in production, which brings both structure and flexibility.

Time registration

Time registration

MatrixMetaal has an integrated time registration system, with which it is possible to keep track of worked times by employee, project and work type in two ways. The first method is in line with the traditional method, which uses time sheets, which are transferred to the system via the keyboard. The second method records start and end times, from minute to minute. The system then calculates how long the employee has worked on the project. The advantage of this method is that there are fewer uncertainties and errors in the registration, because the employee no longer calculates how long he has worked on a project. This method is often combined with terminals in the workplace, which can read the bar codes of the projects and work types.

Barcode scanners

In workplaces, barcode scanners are often used. These are reliable devices, suitable for an industrial environment. Employees who work on projects at the office with a computer do not have to register with a hardware terminal, but can easily do so on their own PC. Both in the workplace, at the office, and on the road, tablets and smartphones are increasingly being used to record work and hours. MatrixMetaal provides access to time registration from these mobile devices. In all cases, the registered hours directly affect the actual costs of the orders and work in progress and extensive reports are available that make the registrations clear and verifiable. The system remains flexible because both systems can be used interchangeably. The optimum method can be applied for each specific employee.

Accounting and management information

Financial administration

No one likes to type the same data more than once. Certainly if the company is computerized in a structured way, so much information is already digitally recorded that it would be a shame if an accountant working with a stand-alone system would not benefit from this. Export modules are available as standard to, inter alia, AccountView, Unit4 Multivers and Exact Globe. Links with other accounting systems are on request or in preparation.


MatrixMetaal has the option to determine work-in-progress positions and to carry out a subsequent calculation after completion of projects. An analysis takes place of all orders and partial orders with regard to all purchased material and all realized hours. This gives you insight into the status and return of each project at any time.

Let us advise you

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